16/09/2020 – Talk: “A Graph Labeling Approach To Automatic Program Repair Of API Misuses” By Alfredo Cruz

Alfredo Cruz will give a talk about his thesis proposal. Details below.


Alfredo Cruz, PhD fellow, ITU.


A Graph Labeling Approach to Automatic Program Repair of API Misuses


Consider an API for a non reentrant lock l with the functions: lock(l) and unlock(l). How many API misuses (e.g. double lock) exist? Can they all be automatically detected? If a misuse is detected, is it possible to automatically generate patch suggestions for it?

When we explore the last question, we will soon find that all questions are related, if a patch suggestion can be automatically generated for a misuse, we would like to know which possible misuses that patch might introduce and how to fix them. This type of reasoning becomes relevant when there are no tests for the faulty program, the misuse occurs under very special conditions, e.g. timing, or it is not technically feasible to instrument the faulty system and verify its execution.

In this talk I will share with you how all the possible API Misuses of a non-reentrant 2 functions locking API can be easily modelled, automatically detected and patched and why the approach is generalizable to any other 2 functions API that fit the model.