Spring 2024

17/05/2024Gerardo SchneiderOn the Specification and Analysis of Normative Contracts
24/04/2024Helge PfeifferOn the Energy Consumption of Various Versions of CPython
13/03/2024Esther Hahyeon KimCompositional control synthesis for water management system
08/03/2024Marco CarboneA Probabilistic Choreography Language for PRISM
07/02/2024Raúl PardoDoes software sustainability impact software quality? A Bayesian analysis of Free and Open Source (FOSS) projects

Fall 2023

13/12/2023Mossa Merhi ReimertExtendR: Seamless integration of R & Rust
01/12/2023Daniel VarroAutomated Graph Generation for the Assurance of Software-intensive Cyber-Physical Systems
23/11/2023Paul RalphEvidence Standards Improve the Reliability of Scholarly Peer Review
01/11/2023Rasmus C. RønnebergExact and Efficient Bayesian Inference for Privacy Risk Quantification
28/04/2023Adrian HoffPreparing Software Re-Engineering via Freehand Sketches in Virtual Reality
06/09/2023Mohsen GhaffariFormal Specification and Testing for Reinforcement Learning

Spring 2023

23/06/2023Luiza Ribeiro MarnetVision-Based Classification for Underwater Safety-Critical Applications: A Predictive Uncertainty Study
09/06/2023Maja Aaslyng DallInvestigation of the Monte Carlo Algorithms Sampling under Combinatorial Constraints (MSc)
09/06/2023Ingrid Jakobi Wolff Madsen and Kaare BørstingDeep Learning-Based Image Synthesis for Generating Genetically Related Irises from Biometric Templates (MSc)
08/06/2023Ahmet AkkocDifferential Privacy for Subgroup Analysis: Opportunities and Challenges for Publishing Rheumatoid Arthritis Data (MSc)
08/06/2023Freyja Damsgaard Weile and Thomas Wolgast RørbechPrivacy in Voice Assistants (BSc)
02/06/2023Isabella Harries Magnusdóttir, Kristian Berlin Jensen, and Lukas Lykkeskov HjelmstrandA Study of the Effect of Differential Privacy on Bias
28/04/2023Adrian HoffUniquifying Architecture Visualization through Variable 3D Model Generation
14/04/2023Mohsen GhaffariSymbolic Reinforcement Learning
31/03/2023Raúl PardoFormal Verification of Privacy Policies for Social Networks
17/03/2023Laura WeihlProbabilistic Property-Based Testing for Feature Classification in Submarine Vision
24/02/2023Francesco LeofanteRobust Counterfactual Explanations for Deep Neural Networks
10/02/2023Sergio Daniel QuijanoModel-Based Testing for System-Level Safety of Autonomous Underwater Robots
27/01/2023Raúl PardoPrivacy with Good Taste: A Case Study in Quantifying Privacy Risks in Genetic Scores
24/01/2023Invited SpeakersPre-VAMOS Workshop

Fall 2022

16/12/2022Christoph SeidlQuantum Computing – A Gentle Introduction for Computer Scientists
09/12/2022Andreas Ørregaard KlingenbrunnPrivacy risk analysis in Excel
18/11/2022Adrian HoffUtilizing Software Architecture Recovery to Explore Large-Scale Software Systems in Virtual Reality
28/10/2022Ingrid Jakobi Wolff Madsen,
Kaare Børsting
Using generative models to synthesize iris data
16/09/2022Raúl PardoA Specification Logic for Programs in the Probabilistic Guarded Command Language
26/08/2022Ulrik Pagh SchultzDSLs in Aerial Robotics?

Spring 2022

17/06/2022Mahya Mohammadi KashaniBelief-based Fault Recovery for Marine Robotics
10/06/2022Mia Heine NowackPurpose Auditing for Java Programs
25/05/2022Christoph MathejaTowards an Intermediate Verification Language for Probabilistic Programs
20/05/2022Rolf-Helge PfeifferDaSEA – A Dataset for Software Ecosystem Analysis
22/04/2022Adrian HoffExperiences with Constructing and Evolving a Software Product Line with Delta-Oriented Programming
08/04/2022Rolf-Helge PfeifferSearching for Technical Debt – An Empirical, Exploratory, and Descriptive Case Study
25/03/2022Siv L. Steffensen

Sergio Daniel Quijano
How Attacker Knowledge Affects Privacy Risks: An Analysis Using Probabilistic Programming

Model-Based Testing for System-Level Safety of Autonomous Underwater Robots?
18/03/2022Siv L. SteffensenHow Attacker Knowledge Affects Privacy Risks: An Analysis Using Probabilistic Programming
25/02/2022Sergio Daniel QuijanoModel-Based Testing for System-Level Safety of Autonomous Underwater Robots
18/02/2022Holger Stadel BorumPreliminary Results: Surveying the Life-Cycle of Domain-Specific Languages
11/02/2022Laura WeihlPaper Reading Club: Intro to StyleGAN

Fall 2021

17/12/2021Sebastian Mateos NicolajsenExtensibility in Programming Languages
10/12/2021Rasmus Carl Rønneberg & Raúl PardoPrivugger demo
26/11/2021Andrzej WasowskiTowards a Specification for Reinforcement Learning
12/11/2021Helge PfeifferThe Impact of Continuous Code Quality Assessment on Defects
22/10/2021Adrian HoffTowards Immersive Software Archaeology
15/10/2021Laura Weihl Paper Reading Club: Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
08/10/2021Holger Stadel BorumCo-designing DSL Quality Assurance Measures with Non-programming Experts
24/09/2021Holger Stadel BorumOn Designing Applied DSLs for Non-programming Experts in Evolving Domains
17/09/2021Raúl PardoPrivug: Using Probabilistic Programming for Quantifying Leakage in Privacy Risk Analysis

Spring 2021

28/06/21Sandra GreinerExtending Single- to Multi-Variant Model Transformations
Paper reading club
14/06/21Raúl PardoFormal Verification of Privacy Properties for Consent Management
07/06/21Mathias Oliver Valdbjørn JørgensenPrivugger-AG: Automatic Attacker Generation for Probabilistic Privacy Risk Analysis
03/05/21Michael NiekeConsistent Feature-Model Driven Software Product Line Evolution
26/04/21Adrian HoffConducting Good SE Research – Lessons Learned from Experienced Academics
29/03/21Paper reading club
15/03/21Leonel MerinoNew Interfaces for Software Engineering: Visualization and Virtual and Augmented Reality
08/03/21Ting SuAdvancing the State-of-the-Art of Mobile App Fuzzing
13/01/21– Rasmus Carl Rønneberg

– Mathias Oliver Valdbjørn Jørgensen
– Transforming Regular Programs into Probabilistic Programs

– Automatic Analysis and Synthesis of Attackers using Probabilistic Programming

Fall 2020

16/12/20Razan GhzouliBehavior Trees in Action: A Study of Robotics Applications
18/11/20Victor MorelSoK: Three Facets of Privacy Policies
28/10/20Willard RafnssonFixing Vulnerabilities Automatically with Linters
23/09/20Adrian HoffConsistency-Preserving Evolution Planning on Feature Model
16/09/20Alfredo CruzA Graph Labeling Approach to Automatic Program Repair of API Misuses
02/09/20Holger Stadel BorumTime/Temporal Types for MAL
26/08/20Francisco Martínez LacasaCross-IDE ROS Integration Tool
12/08/20Adam AlamiThe Social, Organizational and Disciplinary Aspects of Quality in Free and Open Source Software Communities

Spring 2020

24/06/20Mahsa VarshosazModeling and Model-Based Testing of Software Product Lines
17/06/20Raúl PardoPrivacy Policies for Social Networks: A Formal Approach
10/06/20Anders Ficher-NielsenDry run of master thesis presentation: Finding Resource Manipulation Bugs with Monitor Automata on the Example of the Linux Kernel
03/06/20Christoph SeidlVariability Management in Software Product Lines
13/05/20Holger Stadel BorumManagement Action Language Design Process
29/04/20Anders Ficher-NielsenFinding Resource Manipulation Bugs with Monitor Automata on the Example of the Linux Kernel
22/04/20Zhoulai FuMassive, Accurate Coronavirus Diagnosing via Machine Learning
01/04/20Willard RafnssonA Semantic Domain for Probabilistic Programs
25/03/20Mahsa VarshosazLearning the Shape of Critical Sections in the Linux Kernel
26/02/20Alfredo CruzPatching bugs with crayons
29/01/20Andrzej WasowskiDependency Bugs: The Dark Side of Variability, Reuse and Modularity
22/01/20Helge PfeifferTools Measuring Technical Debt

Fall 2019

04/12/19Helge PfeifferWhat is Software? An Empirical, Descriptive Study of Artifacts
27/11/19Claus BrabrandComputational Thinking
20/11/19Raúl PardoRisk Analysis of Privacy Policies
06/11/19Holger Stadel BorumA Visual Notation and Programming Environment for Dependent Types
16/10/19Jakob Thorsen StaugaardConnecting Reality and Code in Object-Oriented Programming by Visualizing Objects at Runtime
11/09/19Adam AlamiAffiliated Participation in Open Source Communities
04/09/19Willard RafnssonInformation-Flow Security: A Brief Introduction