REMAROREMARO attacks one of the most pressing problems of modern computing, the safety of AI, in the well defined context of submarine robotics
ISAImmersive Software Archaeology (ISA) is a virtual reality software visualization project. Its goal is to foster the rediscovery of unfamiliar legacy Java software systems’ architecture and design
DIRECVerifiable and Safe AI for Autonomous Systems
REIDENTAssessment of Reidentification Risks with Bayesian Probabilistic Programing (Villum Foundation)
INSIGHTProgram Repair with Static Insights (DFF)
ROSINROS-Industrial Quality Assured Robot Software Components(H2020)
VARIETEVariability in Portfolios of Dependable Systems (completed)
VARIESVariability in Safety Critical Embedded Systems (completed)
MT-LABModeling of Information Technology (completed)