16/12/2022 – Talk: “Quantum Computing – A Gentle Introduction For Computer Scientists” By Christoph Seidl

Christoph Seidl will give a talk about Quantum Computing – A Gentle Introduction for Computer Scientists. Details below.


Christoph Seidl, Prof., ITU.


Quantum Computing – A Gentle Introduction for Computer Scientists


Quantum Computing is a fundamentally novel paradigm for developing software that is deeply rooted in Physics, Math, and Computer Science. Quantum Superiority, touted by popular media, comes with the promise of significant speedups in the order of magnitudes for currently solvable problems as well as the possibility of finding solutions to previously (practically) unsolvable problems in feasible time.
This presentation provides an overview of quantum phenomena (superposition, entanglement, teleportation) and Quantum Computing constructs (gates, circuits, languages) while explicitly putting a focus on the Computer Science perspective (and abstracting from both Physics and Math as far as possible). In addition, the presentation will put some popular claims and misconceptions into perspective to highlight that Quantum Superiority may be further out of reach than postulated and will also make a case why we, as Computer Scientists, should instead aim for “Quantum Readiness” for quantum languages and applications.