17/11/2021 – Talk: “Extensibility In Programming Languages” By Sebastian Mateos Nicolajsen

Sebastian Mateos Nicolajsen will give a talk about his work on extensivbility in programming languages. Details below.


Sebastian Mateos Nicolajsen, M.Sc. student, ITU.


Extensibility in Programming Languages


Programming languages have a plethora of different mechanisms for extensibility. These mechanisms have different names and syntactical representations obfuscating their similarities. Consequently, it is difficult to relate such mechanisms to theories of extensibility and language extensibility as a whole. This study, a qualitative systematic literature review of ten different venues on programming languages, provides the foundation to discuss mechanisms of language extensibility. Specifically, I devise a framework for extensibility and map existing literature to guide future language engineers in their design choices — with examples from highly applied languages. Consequently, this study provides the foundation for discussing extensibility as an integrated part of language design.