20/05/2022 – Talk: “DaSEA – A Dataset For Software Ecosystem Analysis” By Rolf-Helge Pfeiffer

Rolf-Helge Pfeiffer will give a talk about his work on DaSEA – A Dataset for Software Ecosystem Analysis. Details below.


Rolf-Helge Pfeiffer, Assit. Prof., ITU.


DaSEA – A Dataset for Software Ecosystem Analysis


Software package managers facilitate reuse and rapid construction of software systems. Since evermore software is distributed via package managers, researchers and practitioners require explicit data of software dependency networks that are opaquely formed by dependency relations between software packages. To reason about increasingly complex software products and ecosystems, researchers and practitioners rely either on publicly available datasets like the seemingly unattended libraries.io [15] or they mine problem-specific data from software ecosystems repeatedly and non-transparently. Therefore, we present the DaSEA dataset, which contains metadata of software packages, their versions, and de- pendencies from multiple ecosystems (currently six programming languages and five operating system package managers). Alongside the dataset, we provide an extensible open-source tool under the same name that is used to create updated versions of the DaSEA dataset allowing studies of evolution of software ecosystems.

Link to preprint: https://itu.dk/~ropf/blog/assets/msr2022.pdf