23/09/2020 – Talk: “Consistency-Preserving Evolution Planning On Feature Models” By Adrian Hoff

Adrian Hoff, a new PhD student in the SQUARE group, will give a talk about his consistency-preserving evolution planning on feature models. Details below.


Adrian Hoff, PhD fellow, ITU.


Consistency-Preserving Evolution Planning on Feature Models


A software product line (SPL) enables large-scale reuse in a family of related software systems through configurable features. SPLs represent a long-term investment so that their ongoing evolution becomes paramount and requires careful planning. While existing approaches enable to create an evolution plan for an SPL on feature-model (FM) level, they assume the plan to be rigid and do not support retroactive changes. We present a method that enables to create and retroactively adapt an FM evolution plan while preventing undesired impacts on its structural and logical