24/06/2020 – Talk: “Modeling And Model-Based Testing Of Software Product Lines” By Mahsa Varshosaz

Mahsa Varshosaz will present her work on
modeling and testing Software Product Lines (SPLs). Details below.


Mahsa Varshosaz, Postdoc, ITU.


Modeling and Model-Based Testing of Software Product Lines


Software Product Line (SPL) engineering is commonly used for developing variability intensive software systems aiming for mass production and customization. An SPL consists of a set of products, which are developed from a common platform and by reusing a set of core assets. SPLs have been adopted in different domains by many companies and corporations such as Boeing, Bosch, General Motors, Siemens, and Toshiba. Hence, testing, and in particular, model-based testing (MBT) of SPLs are topics of increasing relevance in the research literature and also industrial practice. Using model-based testing technique, test cases are generated automatically from a model of the system. Using conventional modeling and MBT techniques for each individual product in an SPL can be very costly due to the potential large number of products. Thus, several formalisms have been proposed for modeling SPLs, and model-based testing methods have been developed and adapted for such formalisms. In this talk, we give a brief overview of formalisms used for modeling SPLs. We present the results of our work on comparing the expressiveness power and the succinctness of a set of these formalisms. We also give an overview of our work on model-based testing of SPLs concerning the modification of some MBT methods to test SPLs efficiently.