28/04/2023 – Talk: “Uniquifying Architecture Visualization through Variable 3D Model Generation” By Adrian Hoff

Adrian Hoff will give a talk about his work on Uniquifying Architecture Visualization through Variable 3D Model Generation. Details below.


Adrian Hoff, PhD fellow, ITU.


Uniquifying Architecture Visualization through Variable 3D Model Generation


Software visualization facilitates the interactive exploration of large-scale code bases, e.g., to rediscover the architecture of a legacy system. Visualizations of software structure suffer from repetitive patterns that complicate distinguishing different subsystems and recognizing previously visited parts of an architecture. We leverage variability-modeling techniques to “uniquify” visualizations of subsystems via custom-tailored 3D models of recognizable landmarks: For each subsystem, we derive a descriptor and translate it to a (random but deterministic) configuration of a feature model of variable 3D geometry to support large numbers of different 3D models while capturing the design language of a particular type of landmark. We devised a hybrid variant derivation mechanism using a slots-and-hooks composition system for 3D geometry as well as adjusting visual characteristics, e.g., material. We demonstrate our method by creating various different trophies as landmarks for the visualization of a software system.