Increasingly many companies and open source projects use code scanners to find problems in programs. Yet, finding problems is not the same as fixing them. Bug reports are hard to read, as they often point to a problem manifestation, not to the underlying cause. In consequence, programmers often ignore the alarms raised by code scanners.
We need tools that report bugs in an easily digestible form, tools based on a smart technology that automatically finds, diagnoses and repairs defects in programs. INSIGHT will develop such algorithms and methods and demonstrate them on the Linux kernel project, a key part of today’s IT infrastructure.
In order to obtain synergy between the fields of bug finding and bug fixing, INSIGHT gathers an international team excelling in bug finding (ITU Copenhagen) and program repair (Carnegie Mellon University, USA). The project also has access to significant assistance from the Linux Foundation and kernel developers from the Linux-vendor Red Hat.


Andrzej WasowskiFull Professor (PI)
Alfredo CruzPh.D. Student
Anders FischerM.Sc. Student
Mahsa VarshosazAssistant Professor
prof. Claire Le GouesExternal collaborator (CMU)
Iago AbalExternal collaborator (Prover)

Contact: Andrzej Wasowski (

We kindly thank the Independent Research Fund Denmark for funding this project.