Senior Members

Andrzej Wasowski (head of group)

Professor of software engineering at IT University of Copenhagen, expert on software quality and reliability. He has experience with probabilistic modeling including formal semantics of programs, concurrency, model checking, model-driven engineering, variability-modeling, testing and software architecture. Prof. Wasowski has worked with quality of robotics software platforms and bug elimination in other open source projects. This interest is shifting towards safety and reliability of robotics and AI software in general.

Zhoulai Fu


Christoph Seidl

… is an Assistant Professor for Software Engineering at IT University of Copenhagen. His research interests are highly-configurable software systems/variability modeling (e.g., Software Product Lines), software evolution, model-driven software engineering, language engineering, and software visualization. As part of his research, he has worked with companies, among others, in the automotive industry, aerospace engineering, and virtual reality.

Willard Rafnsson


Mahsa Varshosaz


Raul Pardo Jimenez

… is a Postdoctoral researcher in the SQUARE group at the IT University of Copenhagen. His research is focused on developing rigorous techniques to design, analyze and build software to protect online privacy. His interests lie at the intersection of formal methods, online privacy and computer security. He has done research on privacy for social networks, Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics. Within these topics, he is working on privacy risk analysis, formal verification of privacy legal requirements, probabilistic programming, and Bayesian data analysis.

Michael Nieke

… is a postdoc in the Computer Science department at IT University of Copenhagen. He did his Ph.D. at TU Braunschweig focusing on engineering methods to drive the evolution of highly configurable software systems (aka software product lines). His main research is centered around modeling and analyses of configuration knowledge with a particular focus on evolution. In his further research, Michael is interested in model-driven software engineering, including modeling of variability and evolution.

PhD Students

Alfredo Cruz

… is a PhD student at the SQUARE group. Currently his focus is on Automatic Program Repair of API misuses with a closer aim at Locking API misuses in the Linux Kernel. Alfredo started his (quasi) research adventure in Compilers and Programming languages moving on then to Computational Geometry, Wireless Networks and Distributed Computing. Basically he enjoys (so far) solving problems with as little black magic (ML methods) as possible.

Holger Stadel Borum

… is a Ph.d.-fellow on the Projection of Balances and Benefits in Life Insurance (PROBABLI) project. His primary interest lies in the intersection between programming language technology and people. Holger researches this intersection through designing the domain-specific language called Management Action Language for the Danish pension industry. He is interested in domain-specific languages, domain-specific models, human-centred design and taking users seriously in programming language design.

Adrian Hoff

… joined SQUARE in October ’20. His research interests are Software Engineering, Software Visualization and Software Product Lines. In his PhD project ISA (“Immersive Software Archaeology”), Adrian makes use of VR technology to immerse software engineers into a virtual representation of a software system’s structure and behavior. The goal of his research is to make large-scale legacy software systems more accessible and understandable.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Students

Mathias Oliver Valdbjørn

… joined square June 2020 as a part time researcher. He currently works as a full time researcher, on privacy risk analysis. The goal of Mathias’ research is to find a way to automatically analyze leakage of a program disclosing data. Mathias has previously worked with implementing the reinforcement learning algorithm used in “Alpha Go” to try and create an AI for checkers.

Rasmus Carl Rønneberg

… is a master student in Computer Science and working as a student programmer in the SQUARE group at IT University of Copenhagen. The projects that he has been involved in are mainly about privacy risk analysis, quantitative information flow and probabilistic programming.

Former members

Francisco Martínez M.Sc. Student
Adam Alami Ph.D. Student
Claus Brabrand IT University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Alina Preda M.Sc. Student
Anders Fischer M.Sc. Student
Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi BilagScan and University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Stefan Stanciulescu ABB Corporate Research, Baden, Switzerland
Aleksandar Dimovski Skopje, Macedonia
Jean Melo ConfigIT, Copenhagen, Denmark
Alexandru Florin Iosif-Lazar ConfigIT, Copenhagen, Denmark
Iago Abal Prover Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Raghava Rao Mukkamala Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark
Christian Nøhr Rasmussen M.Sc. Student, graduated June 2018
Louis-Marie Traonouez INRIA Rennes
Kenneth Ry Ulrik M.Sc. Student, graduated June 2018
Tawhid Waez Visitor from Queens University, now at Ford research
Fabrizio Biondi CentraleSupelec & Inria/IRISA Rennes
Rolf-Helge Pfeiffer Copenhagen Business Academy
Troels Selch Sørensen M.Sc. Student
Florian Biermann Ph.D. Student
Davide Laezza M.Sc. Student
Alexander Asp Bock Ph.D. Student