Spring 2020

24/06/20Mahsa VarshosazModeling and Model-Based Testing of Software Product Lines
17/06/20Raúl PardoPrivacy Policies for Social Networks: A Formal Approach
10/06/20Anders Ficher-NielsenDry run of master thesis presentation: Finding Resource Manipulation Bugs with Monitor Automata on the Example of the Linux Kernel
03/06/20Christoph SeidlVariability Management in Software Product Lines
13/05/20Holger Stadel BorumManagement Action Language Design Process
29/04/20Anders Ficher-NielsenFinding Resource Manipulation Bugs with Monitor Automata on the Example of the Linux Kernel
22/04/20Zhoulai FuMassive, Accurate Coronavirus Diagnosing via Machine Learning
01/04/20Willard RafnssonA Semantic Domain for Probabilistic Programs
25/03/20Mahsa VarshosazLearning the Shape of Critical Sections in the Linux Kernel
26/02/20Alfredo CruzPatching bugs with crayons
29/01/20Andrzej WasowskiDependency Bugs: The Dark Side of Variability, Reuse and Modularity
22/01/20Helge PfeifferTools Measuring Technical Debt

Fall 2019

04/12/19Helge PfeifferWhat is Software? An Empirical, Descriptive Study of Artifacts
27/11/19Claus BrabrandComputational Thinking
20/11/19Raúl PardoRisk Analysis of Privacy Policies
06/11/19Holger Stadel BorumA Visual Notation and Programming Environment for Dependent Types
16/10/19Jakob Thorsen StaugaardConnecting Reality and Code in Object-Oriented Programming by Visualizing Objects at Runtime
11/09/19Adam AlamiAffiliated Participation in Open Source Communities
04/09/19Willard RafnssonInformation-Flow Security: A Brief Introduction